Lampade da terra, muro, tavolo, soffitto, tavoli, tavolini,

vasi, potiche, sgabelli,ciotole, portafrutta, centritavola, svuotatasche,


ral, pantone, smalti, decorato a mano, oro: foglia,matt,

zecchino lustro 24 carati, platino, argento foglia,argento zecchino, rame,

corten, cemento ed altre 7456 varianti.....


Aldo Gnesotto

Stylnove thinks about its furnishing accessories away from the usual, sterile, minimalist, symbolic and formal concepts to give everyone the opportunity to bring out their personalities by interpreting each collection that, with the multiple variations of shapes and finishes, is able to meet the taste of each customer and to harmonize with the end-user environments of different cultures and nationalities. We do our best to give everything we can to every customer, according to his needs, his tastes and his ideas.


Munari 104

is a creative brand born in 2009, that is dedicated to the interior design with new concepts of illumination and furnishing. Munari 104 is synonymous of innovations in forms, colors and ideas, a new way of thinking about ceramics.

Cavalca Design

is a brand that is present on the market from more than 20 years and offers a refined collection of objects, lighting and tableware completely created by Luca Cavalca, affirmed designer and artist. Luxury, elegance and style are the features of these masterpieces, so distant from the sterile concept of industrial product.


is a creative project in which designers and artists coming from different realities partecipate. Every artistic piece in Secondobinario is a ceramic jewel born from a long research of contents and aesthetics. These masterpieces are unique works and limited series, because in Stylnove the artists are the driving force.

Stylnove Factory

has been producing for over 50 years, with the usual enthusiasm and the usual passion that distinguish us, exclusively and in an absolutely reserved way, for many international companies of reference in the fields of furniture, design, lighting, supplies in the main modal markets.

Stylnove Classico

presents elaborate and elegant decorations, with a classic and traditional taste using precious metals. Timeless products, eternally fascinating yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Stylnove special edition

is a tribute to the finest craft excellence dedicated to the world of art and culture. Because our pieces are unique works of art, not just products.







Stylnove special edition


Stylnove FACTORY



Stylnove has always invested heavily in product R & D, process optimization and the qualification of all company functions. Today the entire production chain of ceramics is present in Nove, cradle of the tradition of this art and the city we love.