protagonist of this project "ceramics"

ancient, noble material with many natural properties

of high resistance to UV rays.



photocatalysis, photocatalytic, ceramic, uv, uvc, purifier, air, antibacterial, virus, covid, pure

The EQUU project was born from an idea by Lorenzo Zanovello.

The first contemporary decorative light ceramic collection that purifies and sanitizes the air.

Thanks to the photocatalysis process enhanced by artificial light combined with air and humidity, it transforms and eliminates pollutants, bacteria and odors, thus preventing the ploriferation of microorganisms.

the EQUU system is inserted and used for all types of light sources:

suspension decorative light source

light and decorative ceiling light source

light and decorative wall source, wall lights, panels, elements

floor decorative light source, table

table light and decorative source, flooring

lampada da tavolo fotocatalisi.jpg

rockett lamp