"Today, however, Stylnove means contemporary art.We have passed the concept of industrial product and create ceramic jewels with a unique personality and style.We appreciate the new artistic expressions in the round: we range from the world of ceramic craftsmanship up to embrace all the different application arts, in this way every piece we create has a beating heart, it contains a piece of soul of each of our artists. "

CANTIERECERAMICO artistic residency

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"Stylnove is synonymous with passion and commitment to art: our artists have always created artistic works, diametrically opposed to the sterile concept of industrial product, some of the richest collections of the past have merged into the original core of the" Art Collection " Giovanni Zanovello ", conserved and exhibited at the Museum of Ceramics of Nove. Here you will find historical works of the highest prestige and artistic level, representing where Stylnove started: classical, eternal and timeless art, because aesthetics is not a fashion, it is immortal. "

Vascha a vela

Giovanni Zanovello's Collection

Nove, Civic Museum of Ceramics

"SEME" Semire Sculpture wood fired with fiber sculpture oven, thanks Andrea Dal Prà, to the group Made in Nove and Helene Kirchmair for giving such great emotions to Stylnove.

Festa della Ceramica di Nove Stylnove Andrea Dal Prà con l'aiuto di Made in Nove in Stylnove

Event created during the Ceramics Festival of Nove " Portoni Aperti " 2019

Plasmarte 2019.

Evento creato durante la Festa Della Ceramica di Nove " Portoni Aperti " 2019

Plasmarte 2019.

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